Big Hearts provides an inclusive day program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) by fostering independence through impactful educational, social, recreational, and vocational initiatives.


Being a foster parent to a child with autism and anticipating his future needs and being a Special Education Teacher Ms. Robinson was heartbroken every year as she witnessed her students graduating from high school with uncertainties about their future. The search for a similar exceptional day program proved to be challenging for most of her students parents. This discovery inspired Ellen to write her vision.  She then presented her vision to like minded individuals who immediately joined in the great cause of opening a Day Habilitation Center, who then formed a fantastic board of directors. Together they created a local, quality, stimulating, all-inclusive day program available for adults with disabilities. With the goal to connect these adults with their community and with a variety of enriching opportunities, the name "Big Hearts" was chosen.  After a vision, and faith, Big Hearts anticipates opening its doors January 2022.  

Big Hearts will provide a community-based day program for individuals who have aged out of public schools. Each weekday, we will welcome individuals with a variety of abilities to grow through a curriculum based on Communication, Activities of Daily Living and Pre-vocational and Social Skill development. Working in partnership with their families we will develop individual goals for each client (participant).

We are different and we are small by design with an experienced staff committed to making each day at Big Hearts engaging and rewarding.